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Our pantry is run solely by unpaid volunteers and their time and effort are essential to our mission of providing food assistance to those in need in New Hampshire.

There are a variety of ways to get involved including Monday Distribution, various food pick ups throughout the week, grocery bag assembly and Turkey Trot volunteer positions.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Our volunteers perform jobs all week, with the majority taking place on Monday mornings when we distribute the food to our clients. Others take place throughout the week in preparation for the Monday morning distribution. Below is a short description of these jobs.

Shepherd’s Pantry is presently well staffed with volunteers. Please use the form below to let us know your interest in volunteering should one of these opportunities become available. We will also post the opportunities here and on our Facebook page.

Warehouse Bagger

Volunteers fill brown bags with non-perishable food in preparation for Monday mornings.

Meat Pick Up

Volunteers collect frozen meat donations from Grocery stores and transfer it to our warehouse freezers. These pick-ups occur 6 days a week. Volunteers should be able to lift a 40 – 50 pound box.

Bread & Pastry Pick Up

Volunteers collect bread and pastry from Grocery stores and transfer it to our warehouse for storage. Some situations would require a Truck or SUV for the transport. (Saturday)

Food Bank Pick Up

Volunteers pick up orders from the Food Banks in Lowell and Manchester. Volunteer should be able to lift 50 pounds and a Truck or large SUV for transport is optimal. (Wednesday or Friday)

Transport From Warehouse

Volunteers transfer food from warehouse to distribution location on Monday mornings. Strength is required for volunteers and Truck is necessary for transport.

Grocery Store Pick Up

Volunteers pick up Meat, Milk, Produce, or Bread/Pastry from Grocery store on Monday morning and bring it to the distribution location. A truck or SUV is required.

Sorting & Distributing

Volunteers prepare the food for distribution on Monday Morning and then assist with our Drive-Thru Food Pantry.

Turkey Trot Volunteer Positions

There are many volunteer positions needed to make the Turkey Trot a success. Check out all volunteer job descriptions on the Turkey Trot Volunteer Page. Turkey Trot Volunteer recruitment will open in the fall.

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Get Involved with Shepherd’s Pantry

Interested in getting your company or organization involved with Shepherd’s Pantry? Whether you are interested in weekly donations of food and/or personal care items or hosting a food drive or fundraising event, we would love to work with you.

Volunteer Spotlight

Robin Heider

Robin Heider

Robin Heider is a current Shepherd’s Pantry volunteer who wears a plethora of hats. From being a “coffee lady” to meat and everything in between, Robin’s volunteer roles are on Monday Distribution Days and behind-the-scenes.

Before COVID, Robin was a “coffee lady” at the hospitality table with Dottie DiOrio, but she “always felt like she wanted to do more” at Shepherd’s Pantry. After COVID, Robin was interested in the meat distribution and wanted to help more when volunteers left during COVID. Today on Monday Distribution Days, Robin oversees the meat delivery, sorting, and bagging the meat for our clients. During the week and behind-the-scenes, Robin does a donation pick-up at Hannaford and brings the donation on Mondays for distribution.

“It’s been a joy working and I enjoy doing it!” – Robin Heider

Thank you, Robin, for your dedication to Shepherd’s Pantry, you are a rockstar!

Russ & Joan Gebo

Russ & Joan Gebo

Russ and Joan Gebo are former, long-time serving Shepherd’s Pantry volunteers for roughly 25 years. Joan became involved with Shepherd’s Pantry when she asked Shepherd’s Pantry co-founder, Sue Kling about volunteer work. Sue introduced them to Shepherd’s Pantry and Gebo’s volunteer adventure began! 

One of Russ’s duties was the New Hampshire Food Bank pick up, and he especially enjoyed it during Thanksgiving, when he would pick up the turkeys for the Thanksgiving distribution. Russ would also complete additional vendor pickups, such as Hannafords. One day, a Hannafords employee contacted Shepherd’s Pantry about a bread donation and Russ collected it. He spoke with the employees and emphasized how grateful both the pantry volunteers and its clients were for this donation. To this day, Shepherd’s Pantry receives weekly bread and pastry donations from generous vendors such as Hannafords.  

Joan has collaborated with a multitude of fellow volunteers and has always seen Shepherd’s Pantry as a warm, welcoming community. The comradery and sense of community amongst volunteers is what makes Shepherd’s Pantry. “The goodness of the volunteers who worked there and the people made the volunteering fun.” – Joan Gebo

Thank you, Gebo Family, for your dedication and service to Shepherd’s Pantry!

(Photographed left to right: Joan Gebo and Russ Gebo)

James Garrett

James Garrett

James Garrett is a current Shepherd’s Pantry volunteer and collects the Saturday Hannaford bread pick-up every week. When he began volunteering roughly 7 years ago, he and his sons would pick-up the bread, but now they are joined with their dog, Oliver. 
He learned about Shepherd’s Pantry while he was a Cub Scout leader when his troop was focusing on community service. The troop was looking to donate to a local food pantry and selected to donate grocery items to Shepherd’s Pantry. James and his troop went to the Shaw’s in Windham to purchase their donations and, while checking out, the cashier asked if they were collecting “Shaw’s Monopoly” pieces. A fellow Scout mom collected the pieces and called James with exciting news.

“I got a call from the Scout mom and we won $5,000 [from the Shaw’s Monopoly]! We donated our winnings and groceries to Shepherd’s Pantry.” – James Garrett

After his Cub Scout Troop’s generous donation, James has been a volunteer at Shepherd’s Pantry ever since. Thank you, James, for your generosity and dedication to Shepherd’s Pantry!
Dottie DiOrio

Dottie DiOrio

Dottie DiOrio. is a former, long-time Shepherd’s Pantry volunteer who learned about the food pantry from her friend, Lila Bailey. She greatly enjoyed volunteering on Monday mornings at the hospitality table and welcoming both fellow volunteers and clients as they arrived.

Despite not being a morning person, Dottie was always the first volunteer to arrive on Monday Distribution days with a vital job: to begin brewing the coffee at 6:30AM. She always had the coffee hot and Heav’nly Donuts prepared and ready for clients and volunteers alike!

“I was popular with clients and volunteers because I was the one with the coffee!” – Dottie DiOrio.

Thank you, Dottie, for your service and dedication to Shepherd’s Pantry!

Larry Bisbee

Larry Bisbee

Sixteen years ago, Larry Bisbee answered an ad in the newspaper looking for volunteers at a local food pantry. He had recently moved to the area and was looking for something to do in his new community.

“I didn’t know I’d be inheriting a family!” – Larry Bisbee

Larry is a current, long-time Shepherd’s Pantry volunteer and has enjoyed volunteer roles from arriving at pantry early to help prepare for Monday’s distribution to Refrigerator Rescue! One of Larry’s first volunteer duties was to search for refrigerator space and ice cream coolers to help store donations of frozen turkeys for the Thanksgiving distribution.

Thank you, Larry, for your dedication and service with Shepherd’s Pantry!

Suzie Noyles

Suzie Noyles

Suzie Noyles is a highly-valued, former Shepherd’s Pantry volunteer who greatly enjoyed collecting donations, especially at Mac’s Apples. She’s well-known for her quick wit and clever jokes, such as:

“Why is the Statue of Liberty’s arm 11 inches long?”
“Well, if it’s 12 inches, then it’d be a foot!”

Suzie has kept volunteers’ spirits high and has been an instrumental part of Shepherd’s Pantry for many years. “There’s so much work, but we still have fun doing it!” – Suzie Noyles

Thank you, Suzie, for your dedication and enthusiasm to Shepherd’s Pantry!

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