Alberta Corvi

Jun 1, 2024 | Volunteer Spotlight

Alberta Corvi is a long-time Shepherd’s Pantry volunteer and, at 93 years old, she’s not slowing down! When Alberta retired as a librarian, she was friends with Suzie Noyles and mentioned an interest in finding something to do. In July 2004, Alberta joined Shepherd’s Pantry and, before COVID, she oversaw collecting our clients name cards and would bring them to the kitchen for the clients’ orders to be filled. After COVID, Alberta took a step back from volunteering in-person, but “I was driving myself crazy at home and wanted something to do.”

Alberta is now in charge of preparing bags for the Monday Distribution Day at her home and will continue to number the paper bags and organize the plastic bags. All the banana boxes in this photograph are full of folded and organized plastic bags were prepared by Alberta!

Thank you, Alberta, for your continued dedication and support to Shepherd’s Pantry!

Photographed left to right: Rick Dolan and Alberta Corvi.