We are currently only accepting new clients from Windham.
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Volunteers are essential to our mission of providing food assistance to those in need
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Thank you to our dedicated partners whose support, kindness, and generosity contribute to the Pantry’s success
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We Provide Food Assistance to Those in Need in Southern New Hampshire

The operations of Shepherd’s Pantry are carried out by a dedicated group of volunteers who, each week, shop for food, pick up regular donations from supermarkets and bakeries, fill the shelves and freezers and then bag the food and distribute it to our clients each Monday morning.

Struggling With Food Insecurity?

We’re here to help.

Shepherd’s Pantry operates every Monday morning as a drive through from the Windham Presbyterian Church parking lot providing food assistance to those in need in Southern New Hampshire. We want to make sure that none of our neighbors goes hungry.

Due to the increase in client volume, the Shepherd’s Pantry Board of Directors has voted that as of July 1, 2023, Shepherd’s Pantry will only accept new clients living in Windham. We will continue to serve our client base, including those not living in Windham, and any other new Windham families until such time that our weekly numbers recede.

Learn how you can qualify for food assistance.

The Turkey Trot = Neighborhood Fun Run!

The Windham Turkey Trot started in 1995 and is now the primary annual Fundraising Event to support the Windham Shepherd’s Pantry.

In 2020, Shepherd’s Pantry was given the opportunity to assume the operation of the Trot so now both the Windham Shepherd’s Pantry and the Windham Turkey Trot are under the same 501(c)(3) umbrella. This means 100% of the funds raised from The Windham Turkey Trot goes to Shepherd’s Pantry to help its clients who experience food insecurity.

Volunteer Spotlight

Alberta Corvi

Alberta Corvi

Alberta Corvi is a long-time Shepherd’s Pantry volunteer and, at 93 years old, she’s not slowing down! When Alberta retired as a librarian, she was friends with Suzie Noyles and mentioned an interest in finding something to do. In July 2004, Alberta joined Shepherd’s Pantry and, before COVID, she oversaw collecting our clients name cards and would bring them to the kitchen for the clients’ orders to be filled. After COVID, Alberta took a step back from volunteering in-person, but “I was driving myself crazy at home and wanted something to do.”

Alberta is now in charge of preparing bags for the Monday Distribution Day at her home and will continue to number the paper bags and organize the plastic bags. All the banana boxes in this photograph are full of folded and organized plastic bags were prepared by Alberta!

Thank you, Alberta, for your continued dedication and support to Shepherd’s Pantry!

Photographed left to right: Rick Dolan and Alberta Corvi.

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