Turkey Trot

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Turkey Trot T-shirts

See how the designs have evolved through our event’s history from 2006 – 2023.
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Directions to the Race

Plug 1 Floral Rd, Windham, NH into your GPS so the parking attendants can assist you in parking.
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Parking & Leaving

Safety First! Please follow the directions and instructions of the parking attendants.

Important Race Day Information

Make sure to arrive in time for our 9:00 AM “Ready, Set, Trot” send off. Please take into account you will need to park.

Suggested arrival times:
8:00 AM – 8:15 AM: For anyone who is not yet registered and needs to register onsite
8:15 AM – 8:30 AM: For anyone already registered and just needs to pick up their t-shirt
8:30 AM: For anyone already registered and already picked up t-shirt

Turkey Trot Nostalgia

T-shirt Design Gallery

Directions & Parking

Please plug in 1 Floral Road, Windham, NH into your GPS. This will get you to a good spot where parking attendants will guide you to the parking location. Do not park on Easy Street, unless one of the parking attendants directs you there.

Need Handicap Parking?

Handicap Parking is available closer to the start line. Inform one of the parking attendants that you need a HC parking spot and they will direct you to the area.

Getting Dropped Off?

Just inform one of the parking attendants that you are being dropped off and they will direct you to the drop off area.


We highly encourage carpooling as it cuts down on the number of cars we need to accommodate in the neighborhood.

Leaving Safely

Please follow the direction of the parking attendants. If you park on Sherwood, Locksley, or Blossom Road cul-de-sac, you will leave differently than you came. Parking attendants will direct you. You will drive past the start line, slowly through a lane of traffic cones, traveling in the same direction as the trotters.

Turkey Trot Course Maps

Starting Point: 74 Blossom Rd, Windham, NH

1 Mile Course

3 Mile Course

5 Mile Course

Turkey Trot FAQs

Ready, Set, Trot!