Jean and Dick Collopy

Apr 1, 2024 | Volunteer Spotlight

Jean and Dick Collopy are long-time serving Shepherd’s Pantry volunteers who were introduced to the pantry by volunteers Russ and Joan Gebo.

During Thanksgiving week, Shepherd’s Pantry was in search for another volunteer with a truck to help with the Thanksgiving frozen turkeys pick up from the New Hampshire Food Bank. Dick had a truck that he was planning to trade in after his retirement, but decided to keep his truck and begin volunteering at Shepherd’s Pantry to complete various donation pick up’s and drop off’s. Jean played a key role in making client bags every Monday morning in the pantry kitchen, where there were always laughs and fun to be had.

The Collopy’s never met a volunteer they didn’t like and see Shepherds Pantry as an extended family. When COVID began, Jean took a step back from the pantry and Dick continued to volunteer on Monday Distributions until he became ill with COVID. Dick has since recovered and both he and Jean “think of volunteers every Monday morning.” After all, Shepherd’s Pantry operates rain or shine!

Thank you, Collopy Family, for your dedication and service with Shepherd’s Pantry!

(Photographed left to right: Jean Collopy and Dick Collopy)