Rick Dolan

May 1, 2024 | Volunteer Spotlight

Rick Dolan is a current, long-time volunteer who joined Shepherd’s Pantry in 2014. A former air traffic controller, one of Rick’s main jobs at Shepherd’s Pantry and the Windham Turkey Trot is traffic and parking control.

Every Monday morning, Shepherd’s Pantry families are greeted with a smile and wave from Rick, who is the first volunteer they see each week. 

On his first day at Shepherd’s Pantry, he showed how many hats he could wear and, as a result, joined many behind-the-scenes teams on his first day. He’s the meat pick up coordinator, brings prepared grocery bags for Monday Distribution, and restocks our on-site pantry during the week.

“Shepherd’s Pantry has been a great experience to meet a lot of people in town and having something to do every Monday.” – Rick Dolan

Thank you, Rick, for your continued support and dedication to Shepherd’s Pantry!