James Garrett

Jan 1, 2024 | Volunteer Spotlight

James Garrett is a current Shepherd’s Pantry volunteer and collects the Saturday Hannaford bread pick-up every week. When he began volunteering roughly 7 years ago, he and his sons would pick-up the bread, but now they are joined with their dog, Oliver. 
He learned about Shepherd’s Pantry while he was a Cub Scout leader when his troop was focusing on community service. The troop was looking to donate to a local food pantry and selected to donate grocery items to Shepherd’s Pantry. James and his troop went to the Shaw’s in Windham to purchase their donations and, while checking out, the cashier asked if they were collecting “Shaw’s Monopoly” pieces. A fellow Scout mom collected the pieces and called James with exciting news.

“I got a call from the Scout mom and we won $5,000 [from the Shaw’s Monopoly]! We donated our winnings and groceries to Shepherd’s Pantry.” – James Garrett

After his Cub Scout Troop’s generous donation, James has been a volunteer at Shepherd’s Pantry ever since. Thank you, James, for your generosity and dedication to Shepherd’s Pantry!