When “Pamela” first came to Shepherd’s Pantry she had been in a car accident and was unable to work and it was impossible for her to keep up with the bills. Eventually she was able to go back to work but was still struggling financially and continued to need our assistance with supplemental groceries. Shepherd’s Pantry provided her with food and she found the courage to keep an optimistic attitude and this gave her a bridge to her future stability.

It was so uplifting to hear from Pamela that we had provided even greater help to her family without realizing it. One day with a glorious smile on her face she explained that it was probably her last visit at Shepherd’s Pantry because things have improved for her and for her son. It was very important for her that she say thank you to us for all of our help over the past year. Not only was the food helpful but also the positive outlook that she says we convey to our families. Pamela explained that because of our encouragement she was then able to encourage her son every time he needed it, and now her son had just been awarded a complete college scholarship for four years. Her plan is now to relocate to Maine so as to be near him as he attends college and she is planning to get a job there. This move should also be a financial help as the cost of an apartment rental in Maine will be approximately one third of the rent in this area of New Hampshire.